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The time passed where the achievement of beauty require painful and costly sacrifices. With the help of alternative complementary therapy can restore a sense of health and wellness in our lives, to radiate the glow we feel the inner and outer beauty of our.
Become more beautiful treatments electro-acupuncture (without needles), defeat the cellulite by cupping therapy, light up your face with natural Oxygen , serum vitamins and herbal stem, slim with the help of energy diet . Get rid of bloating and flatulence with trophic control test . Cut or Reduce the habit of smoking . Use the combined knowledge of alternative treatments and Western technological advances that will make you more beautiful and healthy.

Liatsikos Constantine, Dr. of Naturopathy

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New service: Miracle Week

τεστ δυσανεξίας-αδυνάτισμα

This is a short program seven days fast and total recovery of the body, where the objective is the rehabilitation and the breakout of the organization.

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Trophic control test

It is estimated that approximately five to ten people show some food intolerance without your knowledge. Flatulence, constipation and even migraines, possibly due to some specific foods which our bodies "fight." And in this war, our only weapon is knowledge. In the trophic control test we are able to know what those foods that cause sensitivity, overload, intolerance and allergies in the body.

Essentially the method is a complete four-analytical test with results in 180 foods and food substances.

Control appetite

έλεγχος όρεξης-αδυνάτισμα

This painless treatment control appetite is aiming to reduce weight. Not used needles, but transmitter in specific parts of the body such as legs, chest and ear.

The electro-acupuncture device acts as a suspensory appetite, check bulimia, reduces time saturation acting sedatives, anxiolytics and gives fertility by balancing the nervous system.

Stop smoking

διακοπή καπνίσματος

This is a short program seven days fast and total recovery of the body, where the objective is the rehabilitation and the breakout of the organization.

The smoker sits comfortably on a chair and through the machine accepts electro a- acupuncture electromagnetic impulses to specific parts of the body. The stimuli cause the body's organs micro-massage a type that dissolves the nicotine, tar and harmful tobacco products. Also enhances the production of endorphin hormones in the body and thus helps detoxification and released from smoking without withdrawal symptoms. The first few days after treatment is recommended to take plenty of water with herbal medicinal products (drug formulas), which help your body eliminates toxins.

Energy consumption

ενεργειακή διατροφή

The energy consumption is based on harmony and efficiency of organic and inorganic substances in the human body. What is this? Eating certain foods at certain times of the day helping our body to maintain the flow of energy in the body and lose weight.

Energy consumption restores the lost balance, paying agents, through the Diet, which 'wake up' the body. So lose fat easier by helping the body to reach levels of body weight are consistent with bone and muscle mass. The date of an energy diet program is given. The duration of the set at 20 or 40 days and should be strictly observed start and end dates.