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The time passed where the achievement of beauty require painful and costly sacrifices. With the help of alternative complementary therapy can restore a sense of health and wellness in our lives, to radiate the glow we feel the inner and outer beauty of our.
Become more beautiful treatments electro-acupuncture (without needles), defeat the cellulite by cupping therapy, light up your face with natural Oxygen , serum vitamins and herbal stem, slim with the help of energy diet . Get rid of bloating and flatulence with trophic control test . Cut or Reduce the habit of smoking . Use the combined knowledge of alternative treatments and Western technological advances that will make you more beautiful and healthy.

Liatsikos Constantine, Dr. of Naturopathy

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"A gift to myself ... the renewal of the neck and face"

Last winter I decided to make a gift to myself. I renew my face and my professional activity requires a careful look. Following recommendations from a friend approached to Constantinos Liatsikos. To an honest during the first interview I was very embarrassed and afraid. My choice but to right. After the treatment my face is fresher and wrinkles of the forehead disappeared. Also, I saw significant improvement in circles under the eyes, the most spectacular result was the "natural facelift" in the neck and face. I have not stopped the treatments. Continue doing maintenance.

Nena Trachana, Soprano

"I felt lighter than the first days"

Last year we turned Mr Liatsikos with my husband because we faced some problems gastroenterology. We did trophic control test while my husband pursued a program of energy and nutrition to lose a few pounds and boost the feeling of wellness. The results were spectacular. Within a month of gastrointestinal disorders in both decreased greatly. My husband lost his excess weight and had more energy during the day. I personally follow facial rejuvanation with the results to be more than satisfactory.

Elina Kefi, Model

"This is the most delicious diet that I do"

I always had trouble with my weight. Usually I diets have an effect for a limited time. One summer I decided to visit Mr. Liatsou, at the prompting of a friend and colleague. After the trophic control test, which I found very strange, I left waiting for the next appointment. I learned to eat at specific times, to respect the food I can take care of myself. My face has changed, my body began to take shape I wanted. So far I have kept secrets and information in the most effective diet I've ever made!

Maria Olympiada Olympitou, Journalist

"Carefree on the beach with no cellulite"

I had trouble early cellulitis of which made me feel uncomfortable and forced me to always watch what I wear and how they sit. A friend introduced me Constantine Liatsou hesitantly went to the ... The results are evident from the very first visit! Constantine helped me cope with not only a physical problem but also a psychological one. This is the first year, moving comfortably on the beach with my bathing suit!

Irene, Designer

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Health Portal Issue

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Curriculum Vitae

Λιάτσικος Κωνσταντίνος - Ολιστική Ομορφιά

Liatsikos Constantine
Dr. of Naturopathy

Born in Athens in 1974. He graduated from high school polymereio Zagora out of 1992.

He completed his studies in professional journalism in 1996.

He holds the title Dr. of Naturopathy.

His love of alternative science and passion for beauty and health of his fellow men, led him to study many disciplines around the alternative treatment.

1. Su Jok the International Su Jok Therapy Association.
2. Iridology at the Russian Peoples Friendship University Moscow and Centro Dorimo Padova Italy.

3. Naturopathy at Clayton College of Natural Health Birmigham USA and cum laude thesis on "Weight management counseling of natural medicine.
4. Biotherapeutics on the Bioenergetics Research Institute.

Since 2003 dealing with alternative therapies in the natural beauty and in particular with weight management, natural face lifting, cellulite, and wellness. He has participated as a speaker at many conferences, alternative scientist and aesthetics. He has presented his work in many television shows "Kalimera Ellada" by G.Papadakis, "Symvaini Tora" with P.Tsapanidou, "Proinos Kafes" by E.Meleti etc.

He has published scholarly articles on Greek and foreign press with issues such as natural face lifting, stopping smoking ilektrovelonismo, energy consumption, food intolerance and methods of treatment etc.

He has also trained in areas such as the Korean acupuncture, and life coaching.

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