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The time passed where the achievement of beauty require painful and costly sacrifices. With the help of alternative complementary therapy can restore a sense of health and wellness in our lives, to radiate the glow we feel the inner and outer beauty of our.
Become more beautiful treatments electro-acupuncture (without needles), defeat the cellulite by cupping therapy, light up your face with natural Oxygen , serum vitamins and herbal stem, slim with the help of energy diet . Get rid of bloating and flatulence with trophic control test . Cut or Reduce the habit of smoking . Use the combined knowledge of alternative treatments and Western technological advances that will make you more beautiful and healthy.

Liatsikos Constantine, Dr. of Naturopathy

Offered services

New service: Miracle Week

This is a short program seven days fast and total recovery of the body, where the objective is the rehabilitation and the breakout of the organization.

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Facial rejuvanation

αντιγηραντική θεραπεία προσώπου-ομορφιά

The facial appearance is improved from the first session. The best result is achieved after 3-6 sessions. Is the newest trend worldwide in the treatment of wrinkles and loosening of the skin.

The electro-acupuncture needles are used instead of specially adapted transmitter adding more energy in the body.

Firming facial direct effect

συσφικτική θεραπεία προσώπου-ομορφιά

This is a kind of alternative completely non-invasive treatment of a person who has already been applied with great success in EU countries & U.S. Performed massage special equipment and specially used herbal products stem from fruit which in turn protect the stem cells of the skin and deal effectively with aging. Also used chamomile herbal products that stimulate and strengthen the structure of the skin and stimulate collagen synthesis, and fine lines fade.

Intensive treatment of throat tightness

σύσφιξη λαιμού

This is a series of conferences electro-acupuncture without needles and ionization neck anti-aging vitamins that are designed to restore the relaxation of the neck.
Sessions needed to be done in 2 weeks every second day to provide the desired result.

Asian cellulite treatment

θεραπεία κυτταρίτιδας

The electro-acupuncture helps the body to treat the influence of certain physiological changes. Stimulates the nerve endings, improves tone and pore size of blood vessels in such a way that increases the blood circulation. The electro-acupuncture may be a good alternative for those women who wish to choose a less invasive treatment method for cellulite. It is a painless method because they use needles so there is no pain or feeling of discomfort. There are no side effects because it is only a method of "self-healing. The first results appear in about two weeks where there is 30% reduction of cellulite. It takes about five sessions of one hour to complete treatment.

Oxygen therapy facial - neck


This is a new non-invasive method of treatment of persons which is designed to fight wrinkles, lifting the face, and renewal.
Implementation of treatment takes place in a single session, due to the high concentration and intense action of the material, which consists of vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, A and C, seaweed extract, gorilla and potato starch. Moreover, this treatment holds links damp facial skin and has moisturizing effect. It enriches the skin with oxygen, making it more vigorous improving blood circulation, reduces inflammation, stimulates the metabolism of cells and acts against dull skin. It can be used as adjunct therapy to combat acne.
Oxygen is vital for the human body as an energy for cell division and regeneration. Over time and due to environmental influences decrease the function and regeneration of cells, so the skin shows wrinkles, seem dull and tired. Oxygen means vitality and life. This is transported through the blood vessels to all body cells. The cells convert it into energy, thereby triggering the regeneration of cells. Generally, oxygen is the property pushed beneath the skin through this process. Thus, the cells nourished and stimulated the production of collagen and elastin, help me extra oxygen oxidation of vitamin A, the cell proliferation. The dead cells are eliminated, the reconstructed skin and regain youthful elasticity and clarity.
The physical transfer of oxygen through the capillaries (diffusion) cells normalized in the course of treatment. The inertia of the capillaries and the lack of low-traffic system is restored and the skin becomes healthy glow and appearance.
Oxygen fights sebum clogging the resources and restore balance to the skin occluding capillaries and restoring proper movement of pollutants, so the effect has beneficial effects against acne.
Finally be noted that this is a painless natural treatment without any side effects and without signs of redness and after the session.

Miracle Week

This is a short program seven days fast and total recovery of the body, where the objective is the rehabilitation and the breakout of the organization. Put simply, the relief from swelling, which probably disturbed, to restore the flash of the face, erasing the very fine wrinkles by tightening and strengthening of the texture of facial skin, and of course lost a few kilos. The program includes:

1. Test trophic control.

2. Detoxifying treatment.

3. Two sessions of electro-acupuncture without needles to reduce fine wrinkles, restoring facial flash, and stimulate the skin texture.

4. For women, a session cellulite reduction.