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The time passed where the achievement of beauty require painful and costly sacrifices. With the help of alternative complementary therapy can restore a sense of health and wellness in our lives, to radiate the glow we feel the inner and outer beauty of our.
Become more beautiful treatments electro-acupuncture (without needles), defeat the cellulite by cupping therapy, light up your face with natural Oxygen , serum vitamins and herbal stem, slim with the help of energy diet . Get rid of bloating and flatulence with trophic control test . Cut or Reduce the habit of smoking . Use the combined knowledge of alternative treatments and Western technological advances that will make you more beautiful and healthy.

Liatsikos Constantine, Dr. of Naturopathy

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λίφτινγκ προσώπου
Face Lift
with electro - acupuncture

The facial appearance is improved from the first session. The power of 10Hz receive from electro - acupuncture relaxes muscles and relieves facial wrinkles so gradually be reduced.

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θεραπεία κυτταρίτιδας

"The End" in cellulite in 5 hours

Applying sessions of electro - acupuncture achieved an immediate reduction of the appearance of orange peel to 30%. It is a painless method as used needles, but not electricity.

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τεστ δυσανεξίας
Trophic control test

In the trophic control test can not control what foods are causing us bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, easy fatigue, etc. Exclusion of foods quickly restore the balance of the body.

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διακοπή καπνίσματος
Stop smoking

The electro - acupuncture is the newest alternative method for stopping smoking. This is a version of acupuncture, but differs from that does not require the use of needles

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